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Our Promise

We will partner with you to create the best strategies and systems that reflect your company's personality and culture. This means we help create YOUR strategy plan and not ours to ensure it will fit with your culture and UNIQUE attributes. We believe that each company has a distinct personality and serves its clients in very distinct ways. Therefore, we want to highlight what is already there and not lose your company's identity. We also train your team to keep the strategy and systems running; that way you can grow even after we have left. This ensures you are able to trust that you made strong, strategic decisions for your company and set your team up for success.

Show Up to Win, Not Just to Play

At Weaver CG, we believe that looking outward from your industry and then your company is the best way to ensure security, sustainability, and growth in any state of the market. Our backgrounds in sales, marketing, and customer service, across multiple industries and business sizes, allow us to create functional personalized strategies that help companies build stronger, more agile client relationships that set them up to win.


We provide several retainer options to support your marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. 


If you would prefer something short, sweet, and a little more hands on, we offer workshops focused primarily on communication skill development.


We provide guidance for long and short term business planning; such as, Strategic Plans, Business Plans, and Marketing Plans, etc.


We support your proposal efforts with system and template development that enables you to produce quality proposals/documents in less time.

Contact Us With Your Questions

Phone: 209-289-6400
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